Valleys and transport
Most of the itineraries are situated in the valleys around Göreme, Uçhisar and Çavusin and can be reached on foot from our meeting point. For the more remote valleys we need to hire a car, with or without a driver. I do not drive myself.

individuals and groups
I do not gather groups myself, you book me for yourself. If you find fellow walkers yourself, I will regard you as one walking party and you can split the costs. Occasionally, when people ask for it, I do combine different walking parties, in which case every party will get a reasonable discount.

what to take on a walk
The usual light clothes in layers, good sunscreen, walking shoes. In spring and autumn the difference in temperature within one day can be very high, from hot in the sun to chilly in the shade. You can buy water and food before the walk and once or twice during the walk as well.

how to book
Send an email to info@walkingmehmet.net with at least the following information:
your name and number of people with you
the name of your hotel
the type of walk you want (short, medium, long or any special wishes)

starting point of a walk
If you're staying in:
- Göreme or Çavuşin: I will pick you up from your hotel
- Uçhisar or Avanos: meeting point is Göreme bus station. If you have no car, just take the public minibus to Göreme bus station. It takes 10 minutes and costs a few lira. Anyone in your hotel or at the bus stop is willing to help you. Give me a ring (or tell the hotel manager to do this) before you leave, so I can prepare to pick you up at the meeting point.
- Ürgüp: meeting point is the bus stop in Göreme in front of the roundabout. This is the first (and last) stop inside Göreme, the previous one being the Open Air Museum. The bus leaves every hour from Ürgüp bus station. Anyone in your hotel or at the bus station is willing to help you. Give me a ring (or tell the hotel manager to do this) before you leave, so I can prepare to pick you up at the meeting point.
- If you're staying in another village, you better ask your hotel manager how to get to Göreme.

All public transport works roughly between 7am and 7pm. Of course you can take a taxi from anywhere, the distances are not very big and it is not expensive.

I learned to speak English by walking with tourists over the last 25 years. I speak it fluently, but my written English is unreadable. That's why all my emails are being answered by my partner Els, who lives in Holland. We communicate every day. She answers in my name, but of course you're free to address her directly. If you don't feel comfortable with writing in English, you can write to her in French, German, Dutch or Russian. Please keep in mind that because of the e-mail messages traveling through Holland, last minute contact is better done by phone.

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